Title - Change Me

“There’s a verbal ease to an otherwise hard subject, and the chapters read like a natural progression in stream of consciousness and understanding. The text is entirely applicable, accessible, and grounded in illustrations.”

“Be Your Spirit is ambitious and trendy without sounding pretentious in its instructional delivery; the overall communication is high-minded and methodical, but still maintains an unobtrusive and usable tone about an audience seeking a greater sense of fulfillment in their daily existence.”

Title - Change Me

“A self-help guide that's at once easy to read and understand and also an individual challenge.”

“Too often, I find self-help books either much too repetitive or that they espouse a philosophy I simply can't understand with few practical applications. This book is neither of those things.”

“The author does an excellent job of explaining the neuropsychology that proves to a skeptic like myself that there doesn't have to be a divide between the cognitive behavioral techniques and the Yoga Sutras and their application.”

Title - Change Me

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A Spiritual Collage
Guide books offer an overview of a chosen subject and this author chose that format for a very complex subject. Only a skilled writer could deftly have woven this much information into a single volume, perhaps too much but that would depend upon the reader.
The author has carefully researched his subject from many sources and organized the material meticulously. He offers the reader a tremendous amount of information to sort through without favoring one method over another. At different points it might seem overwhelming but then it all makes sense. Stick with it to the end. For me, the last chapter had the most meaning and the biggest takeaway.
Reviewed by Storyteller312

Practical guide for improving self
Dr. Niederman's style is direct and clear. Drawing on eastern spirituality and modern psychotherapy techniques, Dr. Niederman outlines how to develop a personal spiritual practice, awareness of self, and thinking patterns. I didn't feel like it was repetitive or the same old woo woo spirituality. It's practical and offers real suggestions for enhancing your connection to yourself and spirit.
Since reading this book, using these practices and doing yoga more regularly, I think I am more calm and even. I found myself in some stressful situations and I didn't seem to react as much as past versions of myself would have. I think this book can be helpful for people wanting to calm their brain and anxiety through holistic means.
Reviewed by Naturalmusic

Accurate description of spirituality!
I've not only practiced yoga for many years, but my theoretical orientation as a mental health professional is more geared towards cognitive-behavioral. Dr. Niederman was able to accurately describe spirituality from a perspective that anyone can appreciate, regardless of religious beliefs or educational background. The journey of self-realization as he describes it, is part of what I encourage in my practice so that clients can become whole healthy people, from all dimensions: cognitive, mental/emotional, physical, social, and spiritual. This is a must read!
Reviewed by Erin Alexander